✯Yo I'm Hannah and I want to big spoon Michael Clifford. (buy me food and we can be friends.) ✯

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You didn't answer my question???

and to whom am I speaking to?? i’m sorry if I accidentally skipped a question :(

hey love, i hope you're feeling better :) you're a gorgeous girl and i'm so glad you exist! i love you and you deserve all the happiness in the world. stay strong babe. i'll always be here for you :)

oh goodness, thank you. like really, I looked at the tag just the other day and I balled my eyes out. the support was so unpredictable, and I’m to cope with my issues as much as possible, there are many, but i’m doing many hours of therapy, sessions, and taking a lot of medication. I was in the mental hospital for 5 days at most and it gave me much time to think. I feel awake, and recovery is just around the corner, so bless your motherfucking soul. okay sorry that was long i’m just really, really happy. love you!